The more astrology you learn, the less you actually know! In actuality, examining your birth chart is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wisdom and mysteries that lie within the zodiac. After all, this language, which has many different dialects, is the language of the universe. When you are aware of how many different kinds of astrology there are, you can focus on the one that might be most appropriate for you. In this article, you will learn about what is astrology and types of astrology.

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Let’s go back to the original purpose of astrology before we explore the various types of astrological analysis. Astrology offers more than just raunchy memes and flirtatious entertainment; it also helps people find purpose in an uncertain and chaotic world. The fundamental concept of astrology is the search for patterns. It is predicated on the notion that certain events are more likely to occur when celestial bodies form particular planetary alignments. Astrology can also assist us in avoiding repeating mistakes and in seizing opportunities to advance by making us more conscious of the patterns that emerge throughout our lives.

There’s a good chance you simply haven’t found the right kind of astrologer yet, even if you don’t think you have a reason to use it. After all, horary astrology is a form of astrology that is so useful and life-saving that it can actually assist you in finding lost items. Even determining the ideal time to begin a project can be done with the aid of electional astrology! Make no mistake, the power of the zodiac has the ability to satisfy practically everyone’s needs.

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Here are ten of astrology’s most well-known and helpful forms, despite the fact that claims there are over 80 different types.

The Main 10 Types of Astrology are:

1. Contemporary Astrology – Psychology, Self-improvement and Free Will

Modern astrology and traditional astrology are the two main branches of astrology in the Western world. You’re probably more familiar with modern astrology, which focuses on the study of someone’s inner psychology. It operates with the understanding that everything is an opportunity for growth as it delves deeper into the nature of your psyche. In a nutshell, modern astrology is more optimistic about self-improvement and having free will. If you look for the silver lining in almost everything, this branch of astrology is for you.

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If you’re a student of modern astrology, you’ve probably heard that generational planets can rule over zodiac signs. This means you operate under the assumption that Neptune rules Pisces, Uranus rules Aquarius, and Pluto rules Scorpio. You most likely use the Placidus house system to calculate birth charts, which allows two different zodiac signs to occupy the same astrological house in your birth chart. In fact, Valerie Mesa, a Miami-based modern astrologer, always prefers to use this house system. “While compartmentalizing each zodiac sign into their own individual houses can be appealing to the eye, I can’t help but find it more organic and realistic to see two different celestial energies sharing one house,” she tells STYLECASTER.

2. Astrology of The Past – Fate, Destiny and Future Prediction

While modern astrology emphasizes free will, traditional astrology believes that most things have already been decided. If you believe in fate, you’ll probably prefer traditional astrology, which includes all forms of Western astrology practiced up until the mid-1800s. Hellenistic astrology is most likely the most popular type of traditional astrology practiced today (aka the astrology of ancient Greece and Rome). Because of the work of Hellenistic astrologer Chris Brennan, creator of The Astrology Podcast, this branch is experiencing a renaissance.

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Zodiac signs cannot be ruled by generational planets such as Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto in traditional astrology. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, Scorpio by Mars, and Aquarius by Saturn in this branch of astrology. Traditional astrologers typically use the Whole Sign house system, which essentially means that each astrological house is divided evenly and ruled by a different zodiac sign. This is also the house system used by most ancient astrologers.

3. Astrology of Relationships – Love, friendship and Business Compatibility

Relationship astrology, which examines the astrological compatibility of two people, is one of the most popular types of astrology. The most common method for doing so is through synastry, which examines how one person’s birth chart affects another’s. For example, if your moon sign forms a harmonious trine with someone else’s moon, you will likely feel safe and emotionally validated in each other’s company. However, if your Mars sign opposes their Saturn, there’s a good chance you’ll annoy each other in the long run.

Another method for delving into relationship astrology is to create a “composite chart.” This entails combining two people’s birth charts until they form a single chart that describes how the relationship functions as a whole.

4. Aspects of Sidereal Astrology – Spirituality, Vedic Astrology and Healing

Have you ever felt disconnected from your astrological sign? Is your birth chart incorrect as well? If this is the case, you should investigate sidereal astrology! This version of the zodiac paints a very different picture than tropical astrology, which is used by Western astrologers. Vedic astrology (Indian astrology) practitioners use a different format known as sidereal.

Unlike tropical astrology, which is based on the solar calendar’s four seasons’ equinoxes and solstices, sidereal astrology is centered on the constellations and their current position in relation to the sun. That is why I am a Gemini in tropical astrology but a Taurus in sidereal astrology. However, I am a Pisces with a Pisces moon in both! In any case, sidereal astrology is often thought to be a more spiritual form of astrology that focuses on the soul’s journey.

5. Astrology in China – The Lunar Calendar Versus The Solar Calendar

If you grew up reading horoscopes in magazines, chances are you’ve dabbled in Chinese astrology as well. There are, however, a few key differences to be aware of. In Western astrology, for example, the yearly zodiac calendar is divided into 12 astrological seasons. However, astrological seasons last the entire year in Chinese astrology, which is why you may not be a Pisces but was born during the year of the monkey. Because Chinese astrology is based on legends and mythology, the archetypes are represented by animals rather than zodiac signs.

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Another feature that distinguishes Chinese astrology is the use of the lunar calendar rather than the solar calendar. As a result, Chinese New Year is always celebrated from late January to early February, beginning with the new moon and ending with the full moon.

6. Astrology of The Hours – Looking for The Truth and Locating Missing Items.

Horary astrology has answers to all of your questions. And, while it may sound too good to be true, there’s a good chance these answers are correct. This branch of astrology looks to the zodiac to find out what you’ve been missing. Yes, it really is that easy!

The procedure begins with a question. And it can be any question, though yes-no questions are the most effective. “People often ask about their love life, stuff like ‘When will I have my next relationship?’ or ‘Where is this relationship going?’ but I’ve also received plenty of questions about a career (Will I get the job? ), relocating (Should I stay in NY or move to LA? ), and even lost objects (Where is my engagement ring?),” says Australia-based horary astrologer Rob Bailey. He explains that he’s had a lot of success using horary to find missing pets and that he’s helped four or five people find their lost cats (who were always alive and well when found). If you have a specific question, Rob can help you answer it by booking a session through his website.

7. Political Astrology – Finding the ideal date and time

Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as the “right” time to do something? If you’re wondering when you should get married or when you should start your next business, you should look into electional astrology. You can use this type of astrology to predict when you will have the most success in something. After all, everyone knows how much a bad start can set you up for failure.

This is a very popular type of astrology for people who are planning a wedding because the date you marry will have a significant impact on how the rest of your marriage unfolds. It is, however, a great way to determine the best time to schedule surgery, book a vacation, or even begin writing your novel. After all, an electional astrologer believes that the timing of your start is crucial.

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8. Astrology of Finance – Trading Stocks and Hedging Bets

Astrology is not only a tool for self-discovery and relationship development, but it is also a way to make more money. This branch uses astrological transits to “predict future price behavior for a particular stock, index fund, currency, or gambling endeavor,” according to financial astrologer The Leo Trader. If you want to hedge your bets with the power of the universe on your side, you should take notes!

According to Leo Trader, who runs a Substack with additional information, some financial astrologers will look into the charts of companies and corporations in order to predict future behavior. Others will use AI-driven technology to “plug planetary transits into a computer program and blend all of the transits into a proverbial astrological milkshake of dates and stock data.” They use financial astrology, however, by observing what the fast-moving inner planets are doing that day. “I don’t trade well on days when my birth chart is being slammed or when my moon is being ram-rodded by malefic planets,” they tell STYLECASTER. On the other hand, whenever the moon transits my natal moon in the second house of finance, it’s money town.”

9. Geographic Astrology – Geographic Astrology and World Events

Did you know that zodiac signs aren’t just for humans? Cities and countries, after all, have them! This branch of astrology that delves into the study of societies and cultures is also known as mundane astrology (AKA the astrology of locations and world events). This system can help you understand a particular part of the world on a much deeper level, as mundane astrology sheds light on the history that has shaped a particular point in time. It can also help you predict when major events, such as elections, wars, and even new fashion trends, will occur in that city.

However, astrocartography, a branch of astrology, can go beyond locational astrology by describing how specific places affect you. Have you ever wondered why you can be strong and confident in one city but shy and reserved in another? Astrocartography could be at fault. Use this astrology system to determine which city you should live in. It’s also an excellent way to plan a vacation or choose a university!

10. Astrology in Medicine – Mind, Body and Spirit Healing

Although an astrologer cannot replace a licensed medical professional, they can fill in some of the gaps and point you in the right direction. This is especially true if you use medical astrology, as it can help you narrow down what illness you are dealing with or improve your overall health by indicating what dietary and lifestyle changes you should make.

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Each zodiac sign rules over a different body part in astrology. Each planet is in charge of a different type of disease or disorder. There are even astrological associations assigned to various symptoms, as well as the ailment’s possible cause. And, because medical astrology is more than just predicting illness, it can shed light on the kinds of natural medicines that may be able to heal the problem or simply improve your quality of life.

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