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Feng Shui

"Feng" and "shui" means “wind” and “water," respectively. Feng Shui was basically derived from an ancient verse that talked about human’s life being connected and in sync with the environment around us. In our Asian culture, this philosophy is known as Tao, which translates to mean “the way." Taoism is mainly the way of nature and all basic principles of the feng shui reflect nature. Take a look at the essential of feng shui: the commanding position, the five elements, and the bagua. The commanding position is the place where you want to spend maximum time when you are in that room. Feng Shui theory/guidelines suggest you to determine this dominant position in the room, then place your desk, your bed, or your stove in the diagonal alignment, if you can. These parts of our house are quite critical since each one of them represent an essential part of our life. The bed stands for us, the desk is an extension of our career, and the stove represents our wealth and nourishment.

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