Five Life Changing effects of plants As per vastu shastra

You must have seen offices, houses, and restaurants that have green plants in specific places. One point stuck in your mind might be decorations. As plants give superior outlooks to these places. However, it’s not all about just decorations. Vastu shastra, you must have heard about this at some point in your life. Do you know many people, including big personalities, place their green plants according to vastu shastra? As per vastu shastra, having plants and trees at your most important places can bring lots of perspective and positivity. But it is better to know that it does not come just by placing plants anywhere. There’s a special location for these.

Location of plants according to Vastu shastra

This is the most important point that plays an important role in bringing happiness and positivity through plants. Most people plant trees and still don’t get the results. One major reason behind this is selection of directions.

Remember that every plant has its own specific plant direction. You have to be very careful while placing plants. Make your morning sunshine reach comfortably into your house.

Trees should be placed in such a way that they don’t block the way of the sun’s rays. Remember sunrays bring lots of positive things.

Try to plant coconut trees in the direction of the south-west. Plants should be placed in such a way that your house doesn’t get any shade between 9 in the morning and 3 in the evening.

Never plant giant trees like peepal and banyan near your house as their strong roots can damage the compound wall.

Avoid planting plants that produce milky substances.

Always check the condition of plants or trees. It is important to check if the pots are okay or not. Damage pots can bring lots of negative energy. Also, look out if there are any uprooted leaves lying there. Remove them as soon as possible.

Advantages of placing trees or plants according to vastu shastra.

Placing plants in a garden in the Northeast can increase happiness in the place. It produces a vibration in that place. Placing plants in brown and green pots in the east direction increases the occupants’ growth.

The South has been proven to be fruitful for plants. Plants in red pot placed in the South East direction accelerate the attributes of this direction. This helps in the growth of money. Protect you from any damage and provide security.

According to vastu shastra: plants in the northern direction are favorable. You have to keep one point that those plants should be blue, black or grey in color.

Recommended Plants

Well, a plant is certain that every plant has its own advantages and disadvantages. But it is important to know which plants you should place in your house to bring happiness into your house.

  • Tulsi or oly basil – In India you can find a tulsi plant in every house. These plants have value in both scientific and vatsu fields. Tulsi is an air purifier that helps to expand positive energy. For to get the best results, you need to place this plant in the northast direction. Avoid placing tulsi in the south direction.
  • Money plant: Just like tulsi, you can spot money planted in a bottle or hanging on the house roof. This plant brings good wealth and luck to your house.

According to Vastu Shastra, southeast is the accurate direction for this plant. Try to place a money plant in your living room

  • Aloe Vera: You must use alo vera for any purpose. This plant has value in all sectors.

Aloe vera purifies the air. This plant needs just a small amount of water. Vastu shastra recommends placing aloe vera in the northern direction. Doing this will help to bring health in your family.

Plants to Avoid according to vastu shastra

Bonsai: Bonsai are inauspicious and they bring bad luck to your house. Avoid planting this tree in your house especially.

Dead or decaying plants: It is really essential to remove the dead or decaying plants from your house or office. Dead plants are a signal of ill health and bad energy.

Cacti or other thorny plants:vastu shastra advice to not place any plants that have thorns. It can affect family relations.

Vastu for plants: Dos and don’ts

  • It is important to get all the knowledge of placing plants according to vastu shastra. Your mistakes can bring negative energy. So, to get the best result, you must keep a few important and vital points.
  • Plants that are kept in pots bring positivity and happiness.
  • Try to plant multiple plants and that, too, in pairs.
  • Never forget to check your plants’ situation regularly. It is important to spot and remove dried leaves from plants.
  • Never place your plants in damaged or broken pots. Doing this will bring negative results.


Vastu shastra plays a vital role in the design of design. It guides you to place or decorate everything in an accurate way. From interior design to house decorations, Vastu shastra has special points for plants also.

It is certain to see plants everywhere from house to office. But before placing them, it is necessary to place those plants in the most suitable places. The more accurate place you find, the more positive results you can yield. Also, which plants you should place or which plants you should avoid placing.

Everyone should plant trees. You can get a reward by planting trees or plants. Plants have their importance in every prospect from economic to spiritual.

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