Vastu Tips for a Happy Marriage

The sacred bond of marriage ties two souls together for the duration of a lifetime of love, companionship, and understanding. Creating a peaceful and encouraging atmosphere at home is crucial for a good marriage. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design, provides insightful advice on how to make a marriage happy and successful. Vastu Tips For Marriage may promote love, trust, and understanding between couples by balancing the energy in the home, which will ultimately result in a successful and happy marriage. We shall look at some Vastu Tips For Marriage in this article.

Ideal Placement of the Bedroom

The bedroom is the most private environment for a married pair, so it should be placed there. According to Vastu Marriage Tips positioning the bedroom in the home’s southwest corner. The Earth element, which fosters solidity and foundation, is linked to this direction. To draw in the positive energy as you sleep, situate the bed so that the head is facing south or east. Avoid putting the bed under a beam because it could put undue strain on the relationship.

Harmonious colors

Harmonious colors

Colors have a significant impact on our emotions and general well-being. Choose calming and delicate hues for the bedroom, such as pastel pink, green, or blue tones, to improve marital harmony. These hues promote open communication between spouses and a relaxing environment. Avoid using aggressive and dark hues like red and black since they can cause disagreements and misunderstandings.

Clean and Clutter-Free Space

According to Vastu Tips for Marriage A tidy and uncluttered living space can interrupt the flow of positive energies, causing stress and discord in relationships. Maintain an orderly, clutter-free home to encourage the flow of pleasant energies. Maintain cleanliness and regularly remove any obtrusive items to foster harmony in the marriage.

Sacred Symbols and Artwork

Add symbols of peace and love to your interior design. Displaying works of art, sculptures, or pictures of Radha and Krishna, a couple of swans, or lovebirds can bring love and devotion into the room. A romantic quotation or affirmation placed throughout the home can also improve the mood and communication of the pair.

Balanced Elements

Balanced Elements

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and area are the five components that Marriage Vastu emphasizes balance in the living area. Create a pleasant environment by integrating these components to encourage a successful marriage. For instance, a water feature or aquarium in the northeast corner might enhance partner communication and comprehension. The presence of water in the bedroom should be avoided since it may cause emotional instability.

Main Entrance Direction

According to Marriage Vastu, The direction of the main entrance to the house is very important in determining the flow of energy. Make sure the entrance is brightly lit, uncluttered, and opens inward to welcome good energies. Avoid placing any impediments or shoes near the entrance as they may prevent the beneficial energy from entering the home.

Balancing Yin and Yang Energies

According to Marriage Vastu, it’s important to keep the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies in harmony in the living area. To promote harmony in the house, both couples should have equal input in design and decor choices. The pair will be more able to respect and understand one another if these energies are balanced.

Turn on the love corner

Turn on the love corner

The southwest corner of the home symbolizes connections, love, and passion. Place symbols of love, such as heart-shaped crystals, fresh flowers, or ornamental items that symbolize love and togetherness, in this space to make it come alive. The love and affection between the partners might be strengthened by turning this corner.

Placement and orientation of the kitchen

In a home, the kitchen symbolizes food and sustenance. The southeast corner of the home is the ideal location for the kitchen. The Fire element, which encourages warmth, health, and prosperity, is linked to this direction. An abundance of good vibes can be felt in a clean, well-kept kitchen with organized storage and spotless worktops.

Avoid mirrors in the bedroom


Avoid mirrors in the bedroom

Mirrors in the bedroom, according to Marriage Vastu, can cause frequent arguments and misunderstandings between lovers.  Cover the mirrors while you sleep if you have to, to avoid any potential relationship repercussions.


A successful marriage is the product of the partners’ shared love, dedication, and understanding. Vastu Shastra provides helpful advice on how to build a happy and peaceful environment at home, which is crucial for fostering a successful and long-lasting marriage. Couples can cultivate love, trust, and joy in their relationship by putting these Vastu Tips for Marriage into practice, laying the groundwork for a happy and lasting marriage. Though Marriage Vastu can help create a happy marriage, respect, empathy, and open communication should always be the cornerstones of any successful partnership.


Q. How does a happy marriage connect to the Vastu Shastra?

Ans. By balancing the environment’s energies, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design known as vastu shastra strives to create a peaceful living area. Making the home seem good and balanced is one of the Vastu suggestions for a successful marriage because it’s thought to encourage love, trust, and understanding between spouses.

Q. Has Vastu Shastra been shown scientifically to increase marriage happiness?

Ans. Although Vastu Shastra is a centuries-old belief system that has been practiced, there is no proof that it is directly related to happy marriages. Vastu Shastra has a subjective and individualized effect on people’s happiness and well-being.

Q. Do all marital issues have a solution in Vastu Shastra?

Ans. Marriage Vastu can offer suggestions for designing a happy home, but it cannot resolve all marital issues. Understanding one another, having good communication, and putting in effort from both spouses are necessary for a happy marriage.

Q. Are there particular hues that, according to Vastu, encourage marital harmony?

Ans. Yes, Marriage Vastu advises utilizing calming and gentle hues in the bedroom, such as pastel pink, green, or blue tones, to encourage marital peace. Additionally, it is advisable to stay away from bold colors like red and black.

Q. Can the principles of Vastu Shastra take the place of a marriage’s requirement for open discussion and understanding?

Ans. No, Vastu Tips for Marriage can enhance a marriage but cannot take the place of open communication, empathy, and understanding between couples, which are crucial components. Effective communication and conflict resolution are active efforts that both partners must make for a marriage to succeed.

Q. Is Vastu Shastra devotion required for a good marriage?

Ans. It is a matter of personal conviction and choice whether to adhere to the Vastu Shastra for a successful marriage. Although following Vastu Tips for Marriage can bring some people peace and good vibes, it is not necessary for a happy marriage.

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