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Vedic Numerology

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Vedic Numerology

In this universe existence of everything matters; some has an individual role while others coexist for a purpose. Similarly, numbers according to Vedic beliefs and practices are the key to understand human behavior; they help to reach in depth of a personality. Numbers portrays the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. In the vedic astrology the figures are equivalent to 9 grahas.

1 Surya Sun authority, power, strength, ego
2 Chandra Moon attraction, sudden variability, sensitivity, feelings, emotions
3 Guru Jupiter spirituality, friendliness, discipline, expansion, wisdom
4 Rahu Rahu impulsiveness, mysteriousness, instauration
5 Buddha Mercury entertainment, intelligence, continuous variability
6 Shukra Venus beauty, elegance, art, sensitivity
7 Ketu Ketu mysticism, intuition, originality
8 Shani Saturn wisdom, workability, sadness, sorrow
9 Mangal Marss strength, militancy, simplicity, courage

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