Feng shui for home

The Complete Guide to Feng Shui for Your Home

Feng and Shui are Chinese words which mean wind and water. This concept comes from an ancient poem that shows human life connected with the environment.

Feng and shui claim to utilize energy forces to coordinate individuals with their surrounding environment. Qi, which is also known as the cosmic current. Qi has the same structure as water and wind.

A person who has knowledge of this can use these flows to improve happiness, wealth and long life. At the same time, the false use of Qi can bring negative results.

Feng and shui cover astrological, architectural, cosmological, geographical, and topographical dimensions.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng and shui claim to utilize energy

Feng and shui is the practice of shaping living spaces to maintain balance with the environment. The motto is to establish a harmonious environment and a person. in asian culture, feng and shui are known as Tao. It means the way.

  • Feng shui reflects nature.
  • Important principles of Feng and shui.
  • The five elements that come from the Taoists are Earth, water, fire, wood and metal.
  • These five elements played an essential role in human life.
  • The goal of feng shui revolves around these five elements to balance them.

For cooperation of the elements in your lifestyle. You have to decide where you need to focus your energy. Just like Bagua, you opt to choose the three areas of your life which you want to improve. After that, you add the recommended colours or shapes of the room to modify your energy.


The commanding position

The spot that is furthest from the door is called the commanding position. Your room should have a clear line to the door.

  • A commanding position is a place where you spend most time in your room.
  • The place of bed, desk and stove should be in diagonal alignment. These three places are important ones.
  • The stove represents wealth, the desk is a supportive tool, while the bed stands for you.

Feng Shui tips for home

Feng and shui cover astrological

  1. Entrance Place: The main door is the most important location of any house. It attracts and brings positive energy. If you want to bring positive energy, try to place plants or lighting on doors. Fix the squeaks and dents of your entrance door. Try to fix it by using a small amount of oil. Your entrance door should be well maintained every time. A delightful entry makes a good impression on your house.
  2. Living Room: Feng and locating the living room in the middle. The centre point of the house attracts the most energy. It helps to enhance the interactions among the family. Place your furniture in the west and south directions of the room. Doing this will bring sunlight all day. To get ventilation and sunlight, you should keep the curtains of the living room open. You can get beautiful natural scenic views and doing this will increase your safety also. Give good space in your living room. Try not to fill and mess the living room by placing lots of furniture. It prohibited the entrance of positive energy.
  3. Dining Room: Choose an oval-shaped dining table. The oval-shaped dining table allows Chi to move gently in the room. It also increases the closeness of food items from family members. Keep well maintained and unbroken utensils on the dining table. It brings out the good in front of everyone. Keep fresh flowers and round bowls of fruit on top of your dining table. This strategy reflects the richness and freshness of your house. Avoid dried items on the dining table. Placing clocks and televisions isn’t a good idea as they cause distractions during dinner time. They minimise the social interaction between family members and guests.
  4. Kitchen: A kitchen should be located in the centre of the house. It should oversee play areas such as living rooms. Remove vacant space in your kitchen. Especially the area that lies above the cabinets. Fill the space with plants or lights.

Feng shui is a time-tested practice that can help you create a harmonious home environment. This guide provides an overview of the basics of feng shui and offers tips for applying it to your own home. If you’re interested in learning more, or if you would like to consult with a feng shui expert, please contact us. If you want reach us then find us here.


Feng shui Points to keep

Feng and shui is the practice of shaping living spaces

Remove irrelevant things from your house. If you have a habit of keeping irrelevant and unnecessary things, it’s time to throw them away. It is important to avoid places by removing old things that are no longer needed

  1. Let in Air and Light: Feng and shui recommend building houses in such a way that allows the entry of air and light. It brings positive energy to your places.
  2. Place plants: Try to place plants outside your house. It is necessary to water those plants regularly. Doing this will have a positive impact on your life.
  3. Keep your house clean: It is necessary to maintain cleanliness in your places, especially in those where you visit or sit regularly. also, try to clear all those places that you rarely visit. You should not leave those places unhygienic.
  4. Add an Aquarium: Water is an essential part of human life. It is recommended to place water in your house. You can place aquariums in your house, especially at your front door or living room.
  5. Fix all broken things: It’s certain to have broken or dented things in everyone’s house. Sometimes we leave things without looking at them for a long time. Check out if they have broken. If yes, throw them out or fix them if they can. Keeping broken things in the house prohibits positive energy.
  6. Place Mirror: According to feng shui, a mirror is one of the most powerful elements of a house. It is important to keep mirrors. It brings positive energy to your life. Throw out the broken mirror if you have any.

Feng Shui can be a great way to improve your home life. This guide provides an introduction to Feng Shui and explains how you can use it to your advantage. If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to consult with a Feng Shui expert, contact us today.

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