Numerology is an important aspect of astrology that uses numbers to predict a person’s life and future. Numerology is the use of numbers and mathematical calculations to determine an individual’s thought process, life, future, and career path, among other things. In layman’s terms, it is concerned with numerical predictions. It is also known as Anka Vidya, Sankhya Shastra, Anka Shastra, and other variations. Numerological calculations are based on the characteristics of nine planets: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Venus, Varun, and the Moon. Further, we’ll get to know your answer of WHY ARE NUMBERS IMPORTANT IN OUR LIFE.

The origins of numerology can be traced back 10,000 years to Egypt, Greece, and Babylonia, and it gained prominence in the world thanks to Pythagoras’ contribution. Numbers are a part of every day’s rise and set. “Number rules the universe,” said Pythagoras, explaining the significance of numbers. Statistics is another branch of mathematics that studies numbers. It includes facts, figures, incident calculations, and so on. However, statistics is not the same as numerology. Before, jump to Why are Numbers Important in Our Life, first know what is numerology.

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What is Numerology?

Numerology was previously known only to Indians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese people. Numbers are widely used in other forms of astrology in India, such as prashna kundali (question-based horoscopes), swarodam shastra, and so on. It is extremely difficult to define Numerology in a single sentence.

Numerologists believe that the Hebrew system of numbers was used first in Numerology. It is a subject that belongs to the Hebrews, but Egyptians and Gypsies also played important roles in the foundation and development of Numerology.

The Hebrew Numerology system contains 22 numbers, with each letter assigned a number ranging from 1 to 22. In Hebrew, numbers replace letters and vice versa. The positions of various planets and zodiac signs govern the numbers and letters. Thus, the relationship between numbers, letters, planets, and signs was established during this time period.

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In Numerology, each planet is assigned a number ranging from 1 to 9 based on the effect of the number on that planet. As a result, these nine planets have a significant impact on an individual’s life. The position of the planets at the time of birth provides information about an individual’s specific characteristics or personality traits. If the number of one person matches the number of the other, they have a healthy relationship.

Numerology examines a person’s name to determine a specific number. Each letter is assigned a number, and the sum of these numbers yields a number that can be used to predict a person’s future. It is also necessary to calculate the Destiny number, which is based on the date of birth. Why are numbers important in our life will proceed with Important Numerology Numbers.

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Numerology Numbers that are Important

I’m limiting myself to the Indian context because this scientific field is studied and considered in many cultures and religions. The three most important numbers represent the most important criteria in determining an individual’s life. This information of Why are Numbers Important in Our Life will definitely blow your mind. They are as follows:

1. Name and Number

The name number is created by adding the numerical value associated with each alphabet and then reducing it to the basic number. For example, suppose one of the names is RAM. The name will add up to 32 (18+1+ 13), and the basic number is 5 (3+2).

[Alphabetical value]

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9, J=10, K=11, L=12, M=13, N=14, O=15, P=16, Q=17, R=18, S=19, T=20, U=21, V=22, W=23, X=24, Y=25, Z=26

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2. Fate Number

In turn, the Basic number has some meaning attached to it. Even if one character is changed, one’s destiny or the significance of one’s life will change. As a result, this numerical value is critical in resolving the conflict between Destiny and the Psychic number. Second, the Destiny number represents people’s vibes and how other people perceive them. Numerologists believe that a person’s characteristics can be revealed by the name number alone. The number is obtained by adding the date, month, and year of birth to the base number, which is then obtained. Is it clear that why are numbers important in our life, no? Read on.

3. Psychic Numerology

Finally, the Psychic number is a one-of-a-kind number that reveals one’s personality, talent, and skills. This number is obtained by adding the date of birth, 21 September 1993, to the psychic number, 3 (2+1). Numerologists believe that this number helps people decide on things like marriage, relationships, friendships, dreams, desires, and many other similar things.

The basic numbers 1-9 have various meanings and characteristics. It is thought to have various vibrations. Now, let’s go over the fundamentals of these numbers and the significance of numerology. Finally, let’s understand Why are Numbers Important in Our Life.

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The Importance of Numerology and Basic Numbers

1- It is the first number, it is governed by the sun, it has a masculine structure, and it transforms ideas into reality.

2- It is a number with a feminine tinge to it. It denotes qualities such as sophistication, classic style, and excellent choices. It represents an agile approach due to its curvy style.

3- It represents creativity and a sense of humor. A person with this number also requires guidance in all aspects of life. Due to its unique position, it represents the right place at the right time.

4- Following the number 2, this is another number with feminine characteristics. Individuals with this number are humble, do not seek attention, and excel at physical activity or work.

5– This number represents a nomadic attitude which means an individual constantly looks forward to experiencing a different lifestyle. They are never satisfied with anything and dislike boredom.

6- Venus rules over this and represents a loving and caring personality. Nature considers 6 to be healers or protectors.

7– It represents an intellectual attitude. Individuals with this number are highly intellectual dreamers and have an understanding of art, but they can be a little aloof.

8- A lesser-known number that represents both creation and destruction. The number is also linked to wealth and power.

9- It is the final and highest cardinal number in the series. It has characteristics similar to number 6 but in the opposite direction, representing global awareness.

Furthermore, the entire number and its meaning are thoroughly explained. The information presented above is only a window into the fundamental science of numerology. When one is unable to formulate a conclusion, this science can assist in making a decision. It can also point one in the right direction or approach and direct one to complete work at the appropriate time/location. For a thorough consultation, seek out a reputable numerologist or expert. In a nutshell, the magic of numbers can help you discover yourself.

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Numerology is worth learning because it empowers one to understand oneself and others in terms of true potential, skills, desires, approaches, deeds, and so on. At the same time, comprehending and accepting this science can be difficult. To learn and become an expert in Numerology, you may require a good Numerology Course.

Numerology Application

  • To be aware of one’s overall personal and professional development.
  • Choose a lucky name for your child.
  • To seek advice on some decisions.
  • To learn everything there is to know about oneself.

Altogether, all this things about Why are Numbers Important in Our Life will have certainly give your all answers. Numerology can be difficult for beginners to grasp. To become an expert in Numerology, you must have proper support and guidance. Join The Thought Tree if you want to learn Numerology. We offer the most effective Numerology Course in Jaipur (both online and offline). Individual mentorship, practical training, monthly boot camps, certifications, and many other benefits are included in the course.

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