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Scientific Vastu

While doing copious research on this traditional ancient system of construction, we found unbelievable facts, further recognized that there is a Scientific motion is incorporated with Vastu Shastra principles, otherwise how the people in a whole country following one shastra/science. First, we will go through one small example of a detailed examination of Vaastu Shastra. Actually, it may be a little difficult but not impossible to prove scientific analysis for every matter pertaining to Vaastu Shastra.

There are so many aspects that are not explained by science. These aspects should not be counted and considered as false belief. Vastu rules hence should not be thrown away just because, some of them are not given scientific approach. Now we are discussing one Well. Let us understand the placement of well. According to vaasthu, one has to dig a well either in Northeast corner or in East or North directions. When we dig a well, certain poisonous gases come along with the water from the ground that everyone aware of this fact, there are gases of many kinds in the earth. If the quantity of the poisonous weight gas is less, they have the tendency to come out with the water and spread around the area. These gases are carried away by the wind, and thus follow the path of the wind. Scientific calculations prove that the 80% to 90% of the annual wind direction is from Southwest to Northeast direction. When there is a well in the Northeast corner, the wind blowing from the Southwest corner carry these gases still more towards the Northeast thus stopping the gases from entering the house.

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