Vastu Tips For New Home

It is challenging for contractors to guarantee that the homes they construct adhere to Vastu principles. It’s crucial to adhere to some basic Vastu guidelines for your new home if you believe in Vastu and are considering purchasing a new residence. To ensure positivity and happiness in every room of your home, Vastu recommends the appropriate color, format, shape, and directions. In this article you will learn about VASTU TIPS FOR NEW HOME.

According to Vastu, the person residing in a house is influenced by the energy that a house must possess in order to be a home. It is essential to comprehend how the practice of Vastu and positive energy in the home are related.

A Few Basic Vastu Principles for the Home 

Room Shape: Examining the room shapes is one of the Vastu suggestions for new homes. According to Vastu, a house should ideally be square or rectangular in shape.

Basic Vastu for a Room: The home’s rooms should be bright, spacious, and tidy.

Regarding Furniture: According to Vastu, heavy furniture, such as beds and cabinets, should be placed in the south-west corner of the room. Building stairs with the south-west direction in mind is a quick vastu tip for new homes.

Water according to Vastu: Keeping plants and objects that contain water, such as an aquarium, fountain, or water painting, is a vital vastu tip for the home.

Vastu advice for the dining table: states that it should not be placed close to the front door.

Now, let’s have a look at Vastu tips for new home:

1. Vastu Direction for the Entrance: Tips for New Homes

According to Vastu advice for new homes, the home’s main entrance serves as both a family entryway and a point of energy and vibes. Your home’s main entrance should be situated so that it faces north, east, or northeast. It must be constructed so that you face north, east, or northeast when you step outside. Before purchasing or constructing a home, confirm that the plan focuses on these specific directions. This is the first Vastu tips for new home.

Tips to consider when designing the front door of your home:

  • When building the entrance, use wood of the highest quality.
  • A fountain or other ornament with a water theme should not be placed outside the main door.
  • Don’t put a trash can or shoe rack outside the entrance.
  • Do not build a bathroom close to the entrance.
  • It is forbidden to paint the front door black.
  • It should be well lit at the entrance.
  • Beautiful nameplates and lucky bandhanwars/torans should be used to adorn the door.
  • The door should open with the clock.
  • Place no statues or figurines of animals close to the entrance.

2. Dining hall vaastu – Vaastu for the home

If you have a separate area for the dining area, the best location for your dining hall is in the West zone. If, however, it is not possible for some reason, you can choose the directions north, east, or south. But do your best to avoid the south-west zone direction, as it is not a vastu for home direction that is appropriate for the dining area. This is the second Vastu tips for new home.

3. Vaastu For Stairs – Vaastu For Home

Maintaining peace and harmony at home depends greatly on the staircase’s placement in accordance with Vastu. The South West direction is the ideal vastu for a staircase in a home. Other directions are a possibility as well, but you must first speak with a Vastu expert about them. But keep in mind that you must at all costs avoid placing the staircase in the north-east area. This is the third Vastu tips for new home.

4. Vastu For Living Room – Vastu Tips For New Homes

The living room is usually the busiest room in a home and where visitors enter to get their first impression. There should be no clutter in the living room. Your new house must have the front or living room facing east, north, or northeast. Additionally, the furniture in that room ought to be arranged facing west or southwest. By doing this, you can be sure that your house is Vastu-dosh-free.This is the fourth Vastu tips for new home.

Focus on these ideas for the living room:

  • Installing appliances and other electronics in the living room should face southeast.
  • If there is a mirror in the living room, it ought to be mounted on the north wall.

5. Bedroom Vastu Advice For New Homes

Bedrooms should face southwest in order to promote good health and prosperous relationships. The southeast-facing bedroom can lead to arguments and fights between couples, while the northeast direction is unhealthy. The bed should also be positioned with the head facing west, in the southwest corner of the room. This is the fifth Vastu tips for new home.

Guidelines to keep in mind when designing a bedroom:

  • A mirror or television shouldn’t be placed in front of the bed. The reason is that viewing the reflection while in bed can lead to domestic disturbances and arguments.
  • Neutral or earthy tones should be used to paint the bedroom walls because they emit a positive energy. It shouldn’t be black on the walls.
  • The bedroom shouldn’t contain a temple.
  • Water or fountain paintings shouldn’t be in the bedroom because they can trigger emotional outbursts.
  • To create a serene oasis, mood lighting should be used. You can also burn aromatic oils.

6. Vastu For Kitchen – Vastu Tips For New Homes

The kitchen should be constructed in the southeast corner of the house, according to Saral Vastu. Avoid building a kitchen in the north, northeast, or southwest of the home. Kitchen appliances should ideally face southeast as well.This is the sixth Vastu tips for new home.

7. Vastu Advice For Children’s Room

According to Vastu, the children’s room should be positioned in the new home’s southwest corner. In order to ensure luck and peace of mind, children should sleep with their heads turned toward the south or east. This is the seventh Vastu tips for new home.

8. Advice On Vastu For A Meditation Room

According to the ancient Vastu science, a home should have a meditation room where people can reflect and connect to a higher power for their spiritual development. This is the eighth Vastu tips for new home.

Guidelines for creating a meditation or spiritual space:

  • The best side of the house for yoga, meditation, and other spiritual activities is the east or northeast.
  • When meditating, turn your face toward the east to increase positivity.
  • Candles and/or incense sticks can be used to construct and adorn a sacred altar.
  • It should be painted white, beige, light yellow, or green.

9. Vastu for the bathroom and toilet in a new home

As important as any other room in your new house, your bathroom and toilet should be designed according to Vastu. By removing negative energies, bathroom and toilet Vastu tips improve your happiness and wellbeing. Here are some Vastu recommendations for the toilet and bathroom. This is the ninth Vastu tips for new home.

The best place for a bathroom and toilet in your house is in the northwest corner.

Avoid building bathrooms and toilets in the southwest because it may have a negative effect on you. If you are unable to avoid it, however, we advise using Vastu remedies to counteract its negative effects. For instance, putting a Vastu pyramid outside the bathroom wall or always keeping the door closed.

  • The door to the bathroom should be on the wall to the north or east.
  • The toilet seat works best facing northwest or southeast. When seated on the toilet seat, the individual should face either the west or the east.
  • The window for the bathroom or the toilet should face west, east, or north.
  • The northeast, north, or east should be where your bathroom’s shower or sink is located.
  • Make sure your toilet or bathroom is not adjacent to the kitchen or pooja room.
  • The direction of the bathroom pipeline outlet should be either east or north.
  • Make sure the mirror is facing east or north when hanging it in the restroom or on the toilet. Apply the same principle to the sink for washing.
  • Light pastel colors are ideal for bathrooms and toilets, according to Vastu. You might choose hues like pale blue, pink, or grey.

Always select a wooden door for your toilet or bathroom. Choosing a metal one could draw in bad energy.

10. Vastu Advice For New Homes – Room Shape

Vastu Shastra has additional guidelines for the arrangement of every room in the house. Make sure the rooms in your house are square or rectangular in shape and have straight lines. Avoid using any circular furniture or spaces as they are not Vastu-compliant. This is the tenth Vastu tips for new home.

11. Proper Ventilation in Vastu Shastra for Homes

The necessary elements include adequate ventilation and daylight. Every room in the house should receive regular sunlight and have adequate ventilation, according to vastu for homes. This will promote positivity and the flow of energy. This is the eleventh Vastu tips for new home.

12. Vastu Colors – Vastu Tips For New Homes

The colors we use to decorate our homes are given a lot of consideration in vaastu for homes. As a result, you should avoid using dark colors. To increase positive energy, choose hues like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue. This is the twelfth Vastu tips for new home.

13. According to Vastu Shastra, the Best Time to Move In

One of the most important Vastu guidelines to follow is to base everything you do on the Panchanga rules (Hindu Calendar). An expert can assist you in selecting an appropriate time and directing you as you carry out the rituals required for the Graha Pravesh pooja ceremony.This is the thirteenth Vastu tips for new home.

14. Basic Vastu Advice For New Homes

Vastu for house advises entering an empty house before performing any ceremonies. Only the gas or stove should be added to the kitchen at that point. Break a coconut at the ledge when you enter, then step inside with your right foot first. This is the fourteenth Vastu tips for new home.

15. Performing Havan in Your Home Using Vastu Shastra

A fire ceremony called a havan is performed in a new home to obtain God’s blessings. Household members pray to Lord Ganesha and make offerings of fire, flowers, turmeric, ghee, and coconuts. To banish negativity, blessed Ganga water is liberally sprinkled throughout the residence. This is the fifteenth Vastu tips for new home.

Following the Vastu for home guidelines can be very beneficial for both homeowners and tenants. A good and prosperous life can be yours if you make sure your new house is Vastu compliant.

Vastu Advice For Objects That Attract Negativity

Unknowingly, you might have these items around the house that might repel bad energy. By getting rid of the things that cause clutter, confusion, and chaos, you can create a positive and serene sanctuary.

1. Broken things

Broken items like shattered glass, chipped China, and broken objects are frequently tucked away, disregarded, and forgotten. The residents of the house have been known to experience melancholy, sadness, hopelessness, and despair as a result of these broken objects.

The accessories must be examined carefully to make sure there are no cracks or stains. When something breaks, it needs to be fixed right away or replaced.

2. Negative visual art

Negative imagery, such as pictures of shipwrecks, battles, crying children, and the setting sun, among other things, makes a home feel depressing and painful. Additionally, artwork and photographs depicting waterfalls, fountains, the ocean, rain, or aquariums can lead to psychological, emotional, and financial problems.

3. Dried or artificial flowers

Positive energy flow in the home is hampered by dried-out or wilted flowers or plants. Avoid using carnations indoors as they are unlucky. Additionally, thorny plants ought to be avoided because they can lead to member disputes and problems.

4. Dead or taxidermied animals

Avoid purchasing items made of taxidermied animals, tiger and panther skin, ivory sculptures, snails, or antlers. These things have energies that are stagnant, and death hangs over them. According to vaastu principles, strange objects should not be kept inside the home. This is why bonsai plants are discouraged because their full potential has been denied to them.


The goal of moving into a new home is to live in relaxing and enjoyable surroundings where tranquility, optimism, and prosperity are the norm. Simple Vastu suggestions can make a new home Vastu compliant, which will bring a lot of positive energy inside. You’ll see a difference if you use these advice!

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