Vastu for Home- Vastu Guidelines for Your House

We all want to build our ideal home, where we can live happily with our loved ones. While property agents take care of your desired location and facilities around the home, they pay little or no attention to the vastu for house. This is a grave error, as Vastu for home is an important factor in determining the quality of life for its occupants. Let’s look at how. Also, you will learn about best vastu home design.

We always receive energies from the cosmic world. It is made up of both good and bad energies. Good vastu for home can ensure that you channel positive vibrations and remove the negative ones. Similarly, underlying bad vastu for house can bring unhappiness in terms of poor health, domestic conflict, financial struggles and career related failures etc. In this article, you will know about the Vastu for home- Vastu guidelines for your house.

Needless to say, ensuring the best vastu for home is a must for every homeowner. It is natural for ordinary people to fall prey to enticing advertisements and choose a property with poor vastu. Today, we’d like to share some advice with you. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your home’s vastu is in accordance with vastu shastra.

Vastu for home- Vastu guidelines for your house:

The Home’s Directional Facing

Energies primarily enter the home through the main entrance. The directional facing of the home is the most common and important factor to consider when purchasing a home. It is the direction in which you face while stepping out through the main entrance. This determines the vastu home design for the house to a large extent.

Though each direction has its own set of characteristics, the north, east, and north east zones are thought to be the most auspicious. Also make sure that the main door is single-framed, opens inwards and is larger and more prominent than any other door in the house, for good vastu home design for house.

Additionally, make sure the entrance is well-lit to attract positive energies. Avoid putting garbage bags, bulky furniture, broken objects etc right in front of the main door to ensure good vastu home design for house.

Proper Placement of the Rooms

The internal Placement of the various rooms come next to ensure good vastu for home. Let’s take a look at ideal positioning of each room.

Puja Room Location

Every home, irrespective of the faith they follow, should have a separate section for offering prayer. To ensure the best vastu home design for the house, the best direction to do so is north-east. einsteineruploading up to get together with. Praying in this zone can assist you in connecting with divine energy.

This arrangement is recommended for all homes, regardless of their orientation. The west zone’s second-best option for a puja room.

If you don’t have a separate prayer room, you can place the god’s idol on a stand on the north eastern wall and place it in the living room.

Master Bedroom Positioning

Master bedroom is place that represent a very special zone. It is where you sleep, rest, and replenish your energy for the following day’s tasks. It is critical that you have peace and quiet in your bedroom.

To achieve this, try to position your master bedroom in the south-west zone. It provides ideal balance with the vastu home design for the home. If it is not available, you can head west, north, and then south. Make certain that your bed does not line up with the bedroom door or sit directly beneath any beams. You should also seek guidance from vastu home design experts to determine the best sleeping direction for yourself.

Placement of Children’s Bedroom

Vastu for kid’s room is compulsory while conducting vastu for home. Children’s rooms require special attention because the vastu home design of the room influences their growth and development. The most ideal positioning of the children’s bedroom is north zone, followed by west. It helps them focus on academics and develops sharp memories.

Also, avoid the south zone entirely and ensure that the child’s room does not have a TV, mirror, or other distracting items. It is especially beneficial for young children who are still in school.

Kitchen Positioning

Kitchen represents food, which offers nutrition and also protection against many diseases. It also contains an important natural element, fire. einsteinerupload of. It is advised to position in the direction of fire element itself, for best result. As a result, vastu is very important and should be positioned in the direction of the fire element itself. einsteinerupload of. If you are looking for a new home, this is the place to be. A bad kitchen vastu home design can cause a slew of health problems in the family.

Location of the Bathroom

Bathrooms and toilets should be placed in the zones of south of south west (SSW), west of north west (WNW), and east of south east (ESE) for the best vastu home design for the house (ESE).

You also need to make sure, the bathroom door is single-framed that opens inside, and must always be remained shut. To keep it smelling nice, use good air fresheners.

Living Room Positioning

The living room is yet another space of importance. We spend quality time in here with our family and also entertain our guests in this zone. As a result, it represents both bonding and socialisation. The best direction for a living room is east of north east (ENE), followed by north-east.

You can use several vastu home design items in this zone to boost good energies and improve the vastu home design of your home. Also, ensure that no internal doors are directly aligned with the main door of the house.

Positioning of the Guest Bedroom

In case you have an extra room in your home, it is best to allocate it for your guests that pays visit once in a while. einsteineruploading up to get together with. If it is not available, pick north east. Because guests are regarded as gods in Hindu traditions, making their stay comfortable increases your and your family’s prosperity.

Placement of the Septic Tank

Septic tank stores liquid waste from the entire house. Its proper placement is very crucial for ensuring it does not disturb the energy of the entire house. South of south west (SSW), is the most ideal placement for the same. If it is not available, follow the same instructions as for the toilet.

Staircase Positioning

The staircase placement becomes crucial to connect to upper floors or roof of the house. To make it complaint, as per vastu for home, place it in the direction of South west. If other zones are not available, you can consult with vastu home design experts. But remember to avoid north east zone.

Location of the Dining Hall

If you have a separate dining area, place it in the West zone for the best results. Directions east, south, and north are also good. However, avoid the south-west zone entirely.

Location of the Study Room

The study room is the section where you either conduct academic study or professional conduct. The best study room orientation is either west of south west (WSW) or north west. It helps to build concentration and focus.

Location of the Storeroom

We frequently keep extra items in the storeroom. It can be placed in any direction of the house, but it is best in the north west. However, avoid the northeast corner.

These are of 2 types of luggage in our home; the ones that we need from time to time (like warm clothes, extra luggage, puja utensils etc) and the ones we no longer use or use very little. It is recommended to get rid of those that have been stored for a long time because they gradually accumulate negative energy.

Water Tank Positioning

There are two types of water tanks, and their placement is determined by their type. The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions.

If you have an overhead water tank, it represents the earth element and thus fits better in the direction of the earth element itself. As a result, the best direction is south-west. If it is not available, choose the west direction, followed by the south.

To ensure good vastu home design for your home, you should also choose the best colours for your water tank in relation to each direction.

Apart from the vastu guidelines offered above, there are some more notes that you need to follow for having a good vastu for house.

  • Each direction is subdivided into 8-9 pada segments. After determining the best location for the main entrance, you must determine which pada is best for you to use.
  • The Brahmasthan is the central space of the home (the space of Brahma). Keep this space clear because when the energies flow through the space, it creates ideal vastu home design for the house.
  • If you are going to buy a plot, never buy one that slopes from south to north. It is a severe vastu flaw with potentially disastrous consequences.
  • Apart from its position in relation to the directional zone, the orientation of a staircase is critical in terms of vastu. einsteinerupload of.
  • These are in-general ideal guidelines for vastu for house a home of average size. 
  • Personal consultation with an expert vastu specialist is the best way to get recommendations for complete vastu for house.

They conduct a thorough vastu analysis before making recommendations and offering vastu remedies to ensure that your home has perfect vastu. They can, moreover, offer assistance getting suitable vastu home design  items that can improvise the vastu for home, even more.

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