Everyone wishes to live in a luxurious home filled with happiness, calm, and happy memories. As a result, we do a number of rituals that are appropriate for our beliefs in order to create an environment that can have a positive impact on our home and our lives. Vastu Shastra Tips is one such ancient science of architecture that has long been regarded as an efficient approach to achieving healthy cosmic harmony in our lives through architectural specifications and equations. VASTU TIPS FOR HOME will help us to understand the environment of our home.

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Introduction to Vastu Shastra:

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and building that aids in the creation of a pleasant environment or a place to live and work in a scientific manner by utilizing the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements, and energy fields for increased wealth, health, prosperity, and happiness.

Vastu Shastra is an old mystic discipline for creating and building that combines science, art, astronomy, and astrology. Vastu Shastra can assist us to improve our lives and protecting us from disasters. There is so much information to know about vastu tips for home, vastu tips for new home, vastu tips for health, vastu tips for wealth etc. 

Vaastu is the study of directions that integrates the five elements of nature while balancing them with man and material. Vaastu Shastra is the science of creating a pleasant atmosphere or a place to live or work by utilizing the benefits granted by nature’s five components known as “Paanchbhootas,” thereby opening the way for improved health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness in an enlightened environment. To know vastu tips for home, first understand five elements of vastu shastra.

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What are Vastu Shastra’s Five Elements?

According to Hindu texts, everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. The human body is made up of these five basic elements, which are known as the Panch Mahabhoottatvas. Each of the Panch “Mahabhoottatvas” plays an important function in our life circle.

  1. Earth:- Earth is well-known for supplying our physical bodies with scent and structure.
  2. Space:- Space is in charge of making sounds in our bodies.
  3. Fire:- Fire represents the presence of desire, hunger, and heat.
  4. Water:- Water serves as a support for the presence of blood and other bodily fluids.
  5. Air: It contributes to the sensation of touch in the body.

These five aspects are important not only in our lives but also in bringing a Vastu touch to our houses or offices. To live a healthy and prosperous life in this universe, the five essential elements of the body must work together. To understand Vastu tips for home, it can improve your information for the vastu shastra tips for your home.

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What do vastu shastra directions imply?

The direction is a crucial component of Vastu science. When constructing a building or purchasing a flat or apartment, it is critical to consider all aspects. There are four major directions: 

  1. East
  2. West
  3. North
  4. South

However, there are four sub-directions: 

  • North-east
  • North-west
  • South-east
  • South-west.

All of these directions are important in our lives. Each of these directions has its own meaning and can have an impact on a person’s life and home environment.

According to Vastu, the direction of the main entry, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom is quite important. So, whether building a home or acquiring a flat or apartment, you must consider Vastu guidelines. It is a good idea to consult a Vastu Shastra professional. By paying attention to the Vastu Shastra directions of your home, you may ensure an appropriate flow of positive energy.

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What is the perfect vastu?

Northeast is the perfect Vastu for your home. The ideal direction to do so is northeast to ensure good Vastu for your home. It is Lord Shiva’s domain and thus denotes divinity. Praying in this zone can assist you in connecting with divine energy.

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of your home should face north, east, or northeast. This is done to guarantee that the most energy enters your home. When you step out of your door, you should face north, east, or northeast.

What is vastu shastra for home?

The efficiency with which your new home is built determines a major portion of how joyful your future life will be in it. As a result, many individuals follow Vastu Shastra guidelines, an ancient Hindu architectural concept that asserts that directional alignments result in spiritual harmony. While most of us are aware of the importance of Vastu Shastra, few of us are clear on how to implement Vastu into our homes. 

Vastu is derived from architecture, astronomy, astrology, and science, and it is believed to apply old mysticism to building and design. If you are having problems in your life, Vastu will help you fix them and improve your life. Vaastu shastra began as an art, evolved into a science, and is now translated astrologically as a system-driven method of safe living.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient guide for creating positive home, from the entrance to the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor space, and courtyard.

What are vastu principles?

Rooms in your home should preferably be square or rectangular.

Room fundamentals: Rooms must be well-ventilated, well-lit, bright, and clean. This rule also applies to the corners of each room.

The Center of the House: The center of the house should be an empty room.

Stairs and Furniture: Heavy furniture, such as almirahs, should be oriented southwest. It’s a good idea to install stairs in this manner if you’re going to create a duplex. Plants and water features, such as a water fountain, aquarium, or painting showing water, should be avoided in the bedroom.

Dining Table: Place your dining area near the kitchen rather than the main door.

Mirror Positioning: It is strictly forbidden to position a mirror in the bedroom that represents the sleeping spouse. If a mirror is required in the bedroom, make sure it does not reflect the bed.

What is Vastu Dosh?

Vastu Shastra is the only thing that connects man to nature for everyone on the planet. Sometimes, a few doubts and imperfections disrupt this equilibrium between man and nature, which is known as Vastu Dosh. To combat Vastu Dosh, people must follow some basic Vastu suggestions that can make their life more pleasant and successful. 

Vastu dosh can cause mental stress and poor health, so it is critical to act quickly and carefully execute the advice presented.

Vastu tips for a happy home:

With some simple Vastu Shastra tips and Vastu solutions and tiny modifications in our environment, we can tackle major Vastu dosh.

Vastu direction for entrance – Vastu tips for new home

According to Vastu guidelines for a new home, the main entrance of the house is not only the entry point for the family but also for energy and vibes. The primary entrance to your house should face north, east, or northeast. It must be constructed so that when you step out, you face north, east, or northeast. Before purchasing or developing a home, ensure that the plan focuses on these specific directions.

Vastu tips for the house entrance:

  1. To build the entrance, use high-quality wood.
  2. Place no fountains or water-themed decorations outside the main door.
  3. Avoid putting a shoe rack or a trash can outside the door.
  4. Avoid building a bathroom near the main entrance.
  5. The main entrance should not be painted black.
  6. The entrance should be well-illuminated.
  7. Exquisite nameplates and auspicious bandhanwars/torans should adorn the door.
  8. The door should be opened clockwise.
  9. Keep any animal statues or figurines away from the entrance.

Living Room – Vastu shastra tips for new home

The living room is the most active section of any home, and it makes the initial impression on guests that enter. The living room should be clear of clutter. The entrance or living room of your new home must be facing east, north, or northeast. Furthermore, the furniture in that room should be oriented west or southwest. This ensures that your home has no Vastu dosh.

Tips for the living room include:

  • All gadgets and other equipment should be put in the living room’s southeast corner.
  • If there is a mirror in the living room, it should be positioned on the north wall.

Vastu shastra living room directions

The living room of your new home should face east, north, or northeast, according to Vastu Shastra.

Living room vastu color

Vastu recommends different paint colors for a living room depending on where it is located. If your living room faces east, a direction governed by the sun, choose a white color to paint it. If your living room faces west, the direction controlled by Saturn, use blue paint. Light yellow and green are generally good alternatives for the living room. Red and black paint should be avoided in the living room.

Bedroom Vastu Shastra Tips For A New Home

Bedrooms should face southwest for excellent health and sustain harmonious relationships. The northeast direction creates health problems, while the southeast-facing bedroom can lead to disagreements and disputes between couples. In addition, the bed should be located in the southwest corner of the room, with the head facing west.

Tips to consider when designing your bedroom:

  • A mirror or television/T.V should not be placed on the front side of the bed. The reason for this is that seeing one’s reflection in bed promotes domestic disruptions and arguments.
  • Neutral or earthy tones should be used to paint the bedroom walls because they emit pleasant energy. The walls should not be completely dark.
  • A temple should not be built in the bedroom.
  • Water or fountain paintings in the bedroom should be avoided since they might provoke emotional outbursts.
  • Mood lighting and scented oils can be used to create a relaxing retreat.

Vastu Shastra Tips for a Meditation Room

According to the ancient theory of Vastu, every home should contain a meditation room where people can reflect and connect with a higher power for spiritual growth.

Design ideas for meditation or spiritual room:

  • Yoga, meditation, and other spiritual pursuits are best done on the east or northeast side of the home.
  • While meditating, you should face east to increase cheerfulness.
  • A religious altar can be constructed and embellished with candles and/or incense sticks.
  • The room should be white/beige/green/light yellow in color.

Kitchen Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra emphasizes how a kitchen should be created and maintained in order to deflect negative energies and promote positivity, health, and wellbeing. This is accomplished by striking a perfect equilibrium between the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and sky.

  • Kitchen Vastu Direction

Build your kitchen in the southeast corner, where the Lord of Fire resides (Agni). If that is not an option, you can create a Vastu-compliant kitchen in the northwest direction. The person who is cooking in the kitchen must face east. It should not be built in the house’s north, northeast, or southwest corners.

Bathroom Vastu Shastra

This is an area that attracts bad energy and causes an imbalance among the five elements. This is why it is critical to follow Vastu principles when designing and maintaining bathrooms in your new house.

  • Bathroom direction as per Vastu

According to Vastu, your bathroom should be located in the north or north-west. When constructing the bathroom, avoid facing south, south-east, or south-west.

It is advised that the bathroom not share a wall with the puja room or the kitchen.

  • Vastu Shastra for bed shape

Vastu suggests that your bed be rectangular or square in shape. Avoid round and oval-shaped beds, even if they appeal to your aesthetics.

Vastu shastra tips for study room 

A posture that requires your child’s complete attention! Even if you do not have a specific study space, the following fundamental rules must be followed:

  • Choose a square or rectangular shape for the study table.
  • Arrange the table such that no one is compelled to look at a blank wall or window.
  • The table should be oriented north-east, east-east, or west-west.
  • It is safer to remove the hanging bookcases.

Vastu Colors – Vastu tips for a new home

Vastu for a home pays close attention to the colors we use to decorate our homes. As a result, you should avoid using darker colors. To boost pleasant vibes, choose colors such as white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue.

Room Shape – Vastu tips for a new home

Vastu Shastra has extra regulations for the condition of all rooms in the house. Make sure your rooms are square or rectangular in shape with straight lines. Avoid utilizing circular furniture or rooms because they are not Vastu compliant.

Vastu Shastra Tip: Place a mirror in the correct position

To remove Vastu dosh, you must set the mirror in the correct location. If you arrange the mirror in the appropriate direction, according to Vastu shastra, your home will be flooded with positivity. The mirror should not be situated facing the main door, and it should not reflect your bed.

Best time to move in according to vastu shastra

One of the most important pieces of Vastu’s guidance is to base everything you do on Panchanga regulations (Hindu Calendar). An expert can help you choose the best time and walk you through the Graha Pravesh puja ceremony’s rituals.

General vastu tips for a new home

Vastu for house suggests that you enter an empty house before performing any rites. At that point, only the gas or stove should be used in the kitchen. When you enter, break a coconut on the ledge and enter the house by placing your right foot inside first. Also, you should read below to know more about vastu tips for home.

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Home Vastu Shastra – Performing Havan

Havan is a fire ceremony done in a new home to obtain God’s blessings. Performing havan is no doubt one of the essential vastu tips for home because you lack any ritual or any activity in home, according to vastu then havan is able show miracles in your home. It is actually an invitation to postive energies. Members of the household pray to Lord Ganesha and make offerings of fire, flowers, turmeric, ghee, and coconuts. Blessed Ganga water is sprayed all over the house to drive away evil.

Following Vastu for housing rules can be highly advantageous for every homeowner and tenant. Making certain that your new home is Vastu compliant can mean the difference between a happy and prosperous life!


The aim of moving into a new home is to live in a comfortable and cheerful environment that promotes serenity, joy, and success. Vastu tips for home are really simple, and making the home vastu compliant brings a lot of positive energy into the household. You will notice a difference if you follow these suggestions!

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