The Science of Vastu & How Ancient Practices Can Be Applied to Modern Homes

Vastu Shastra is a scientific vastu method of building or constructing a house. many times people misjudge vastus and consider this as a superstition which is not true. Vastu was introduced centuries ago for designing houses or offices.

Vastu is the science of direction that joins all the five elements. These elements balance man and material.

Vastu have their own rules and patterns for house construction. vastu is supposed to bring harmony and a positive atmosphere in the house. People neglect vastu while thinking of it as a superstition. But it’s the science of architecture that constructs houses with best practices of rules.

Advantages of vastu

People who have faith in Vastu believe that it brings lots of advantages to human life.

Vastu principles have thousands of benefits which are essential in human life.

Mental peace

Vastu helps a lot to give human minds the peace they’re looking for.

It’s certain for everyone to face problems and issues in their life. You can’t escape from it but vastu helps to figure out how to tackle your problems in a prominent way.

It helps people to get over their fear of failure and everything.

Structure: Vastu shastra affiliated to engineering. It helps and gives an individual an experience. Concept to utilize space in the proper way. It permits us to have the most of nature.

Exploring internal identity: Every individual has some hidden talent inside. Some understand this and thrive on it. While some people leave their inner identity unknown. Vastu principles help humans to recognize their self identity.

Harmony in relationship: It is good to have a positive relationship with everyone. Vastu helps to bring harmony with people surrounded by you.

From your family to your employees, your relationship with everyone gets better through Vastu. vastu shastra has various principles. It is necessary to understand these principles properly before practicing them.

Vastu shastra is a house of design. It has different rules for different directions. every individual builds their house in different directions. Vastu principles are made for all directions.

Scientific vastu for West-facing house

Mostly people avoid building houses in the west-facing direction. There’s a misconception regarding this direction. Only a few people understand the value of having a house facing in West direction.

A west facing house is as good as a north or east facing house.

According to Vastu, there is not any harm in making a west-facing house. It has lots of positivity just like other directions. Not any direction is bad according to Vastu.

Here are some vast tips for west-facing houses.

Main Door: The main entrance door of the west-facing house should be at the northern part of your home. You can use nameplates also. Try not to place a dustbin at your main door. Eliminate all broken furniture from that area.

According to Vastu, the main gate shouldn’t be in at the seventh, eighth and ninth padas. The reason behind this is that energy brings problems. Vastu considered the fifth and sixth padas as the best ones.

Kitchen: Try to build a kitchen in the southeast or north-west zones of the house. The kitchen countertop should be in the East direction as it is best for cooking. Vastu avoids placing a kitchen over the bedroom or toilet.

Living room: The living room of the west-facing house should face north, northeast or east. Placing furniture in the west direction is considered as good as per the vastu

Scientific vastu for east-facing house

It is important to build a house in an east-facing direction by following vastu principles. Vastu principles can help to bring positive energy in your house.

Here are some tips for east-facing houses.

Kitchen: Vastu suggested keeping the kitchen in the southeast direction of the house. Even the northwest direction can be a good option. However, vastu advised us not to have a kitchen in the north or west direction. The person in the kitchen should face the east direction while cooking food. The kitchen components such as the stove, oven or toaster should be in the South East area for bringing positive energy.

Main door: It is very complicated when it comes to deciding the main door on an east-facing house. however, make sure your entrance starts in the middle and not in the north-east direction.

  • This direction is considered as unlucky.
  • Put three vastu pyramids on your door.
  • One on each side and put the third one on the top of the door.
  • Placing a symbol of Om, trishul, on both sides of the door brings happiness to the house.
  • To eliminate and avoid any negative energy, put siddha shukravaar yantra.

Scientific Vastu for north-facing house

Main door: It is advised to build the main door of a north-facing house in the north direction.

The fifth pada is considered as the most precious one that brings happiness and wealth.

Kitchen: The kitchen is an important place for any house. It is important to build this place according to the vastu. Vastu advised us not to build a kitchen in the north-east corner.

Pooja Room: The pooja room of the north-facing house should be in the north-east. East and west directions are auspicious places for the pooja room.

Scientific vastu for south-facing house

The south direction is the least prepared direction when it comes to building a house. People usually prefer east, west and north. However, vastu rejects all the negative points of South facing house.

Vastu considered all directions as positive ones. If your house is situated in a south-facing direction, here are some points to keep

The main door should be located in the south direction. It brings harmony and wealth. The entrance door should be in the center of the wall, which brings positive energy into the house.

If the door is opening towards the inside and clockwise, it is considered as best for the house. Adding a threshold brings positive energy to your home.

Kitchen: The south and south-east directions have been claimed as the best for south-facing houses.

Pooja’s room: Pooja’s room shouldn’t be placed near a staircase. The north East corner is the best location for the Pooja room. locate your Pooja room on the ground floor.

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