Vastu Tips For Bedroom that you must apply in daily life

Do you have problems with your sleep pattern or a break in your sleep cycle? If so, it may be time to modify your home according to Vastu principles for bedrooms. By incorporating Vastu tips for bedroom regarding the placement of the bed as well as your sleeping position, you can easily bring balance to your professional and personal life. In this article, you will learn about the Vastu Tips For Bedroom that you must apply in daily life.

This article will discuss how Vastu For Bedroom can help you make your sleeping area a place of rejuvenation and tranquility. We have covered every point that needs to be considered when arranging your bedroom according to Vastu shastra in a way that is simple and quick to fix. So, without further ado, let us delve into what Vastu Shastra for bedroom has in store for you.

Bed Positioning according to Vastu Shastra-

The incorrect placement of your bed can have a negative impact on your sleep as well as your and your loved ones’ health. Vastu tips for the bedroom recommend that your bed be placed so that the head of the bed faces east or south and that the headrest of your bed be in the basic square or rectangular shape. You will learn about vastu bedroom size.

Beds are placed against the hero wall of the bedroom in homes built according to modern architecture. This placement has no negative effects until the bed is directly under the beam or in a corner, which disrupts the flow of positive cosmic vibrations and energies in the room. Place the bed in the center of the wall, leaving some space between the bed and the corners so you can move around easily in the bedroom. Your guest bedroom should have the bed placed with its head in the south or west direction so that your legs point towards the north or east direction while you are lying.  In this article, you will learn about the Vastu Tips For Bedroom that you must apply in daily life.

Important Vastu Tips for the Bedroom

  • It is recommended to use wood instead of metal because it is known to attract positive energies and repel negative energies present in the space.
  • If you are a couple, use one large bed instead of joining two single beds as brings in more harmony in the relationship.
  • If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, make sure that it does not reflect your body when you are lying or sleeping, as this placement can lead to serious illness.
  • Avoid putting your bedroom doors in front of the bathroom doors, as this will attract negative energy from the bathroom. If you have nightmares, avoid putting your legs directly in front of the bedroom doors. You will learn about vastu bedroom size.
  • According to Vastu experts, you should not have any windows directly behind your bed’s headrest because it will reduce the quality of your sleep. To balance the energies in your bedroom, you can use curtains of a dark colour to block the natural light and use paints of light shade for the walls.
  • Do not sleep with any electronic devices on your bed because they are known to emit negative vibrations. Try to keep these devices as far away from you as possible while you sleep.
  • Try to keep any clutter or mess away from your bed as it restricts the flow of good vibes. To increase the flow of positive energies, incorporate some Vastu positive elements such as a windchime or dreamcatcher.
  • Avoid keeping plants in your bedroom, and make sure your bedroom is not directly above the kitchen, as this can disrupt your sleep cycle. 

Vastu Shastra for the Placement of Cupboard in Your Bedroom

The cosmic energies present in the universe are known to have a huge impact on your life, and they can be found in the most unexpected places in your home, such as the wardrobe or cupboard in your bedroom.  You will learn about vastu bedroom size.

You can easily ward off negative energies in your home and bring positivity and prosperity if you follow the principles of master bedroom Vastu. A bedroom in a house is considered a private space where you can unwind after a long and exhausting day. Simple things like the incorrect placement of a cupboard in your bedroom can disrupt your life, career, relationships, growth, and wealth. Here are a few Vastu for bedroom tips to help you correct or modify the placement of your wardrobe in your room for maximum positivity.  In this article, you will learn about the Vastu Tips For Bedroom that you must apply in daily life.

The Wardrobe’s Direction

The northwest and southwest directions in the bedroom are thought to be the best for placing wardrobes or cupboards because they ensure a steady flow of money in the house. However, if you have a large cupboard, you can put it against the south or west wall of the bedroom. Do not place your wardrobes in any other direction because it will severely restrict the flow of cash. According to Vastu, having a wardrobe in the above-mentioned direction in bedrooms without a mirror is an ideal combination. You will learn about vastu bedroom size.

The Wardrobe’s Positioning

If you want the wardrobe to be Vastu-compliant, make sure there is at least a 3-inch gap between it and the wall. The goal of maintaining this space is to ensure that positive energy flows freely throughout the room. If your wardrobe is properly placed, it can be quite auspicious for the occupants of the house. You will learn about vastu bedroom size.

Furniture should always be placed in the northeast direction, and wardrobe doors should not be placed directly in front of bathroom doors, as this can restrict the flow of cash in the house. The door to the cupboard or wardrobe should always open to the east, not the south, because the south can cause disruption in the family and attract negative energies, which can lead to quarrels.

Colors in the Wardrobe

According to the Vastu colours for the bedroom, it is recommended to use light shades both on the walls of the bedroom as well as for the wardrobes. This is because light colours are known to attract positivity and good energy while also being pleasing to the eyes. On the contrary, dark hues are a strict no-no because they absorb negative energies and keep them circulating in the room which, tends to disturb the harmony of the house. Shades of white and beige are known to attract positivity, and according to Vastu, the best colours for bedrooms are pastel shades of pink, yellow, and cream. These colours will allow the flow of positive energies to maintain the house’s harmony. You will learn about vastu bedroom size.

The Design of Wardrobe as per Vastu

If you want your wardrobe to be Vastu-compliant, it should be made of wood and iron rather than stone or marble. You will learn about vastu bedroom size.

A standard rectangular or square shape is the best with only a single door and any odd shapes of the wardrobe are considered to be inauspicious in Vastu shastra. Also, keep in mind that wardrobes should not have any mirrors on them because they can reflect those sleeping on the bed, which is considered unlucky. It is preferable to avoid mirrors in the bedroom, but if this is not an option, ensure that they do not directly reflect the person sleeping on the bed.

The Placement of Wardrobe Items

The wardrobes inside the bedroom should have enough space to hold all of the occupants’ personal items, according to Vastu for bedrooms. The items should be rearranged every now and then, and any unnecessary items should be thrown or discarded to avoid clutter, because it is critical to keep your wardrobe neat and organised at all times. If your wardrobe has a safe or vault, you should always keep it filled and never empty. To keep the cash flowing, always keep some jewellery or cash inside the vault, pointing north, as this is the direction of Lord Kuber. You can also keep some silver coins in the safe if you don’t want to keep any cash or jewellery in it. To keep the balance consistent, keep the safe on a sturdy platform rather than a fragile one.

Vastu for the Master Bedroom

There are numerous Vastu tips for bedroom that will be encountered when it comes to the master bedroom. You will learn about vastu bedroom size.

Without a doubt, the master bedroom is an important component of the house, but many people are perplexed about the master bedroom’s direction. Here are a few pointers to help you understand the best directions for a master bedroom:

  • The Direction- According to Vastu shastra experts, the ideal and only direction for the master bedroom is in the southwest corner of the house.
  • Door Positioning- Make sure the door to your master bedroom opens at 90 degrees and glides smoothly without making any creaky sounds.
  • The Bed Position- Make sure that your bed is not directly opposite the master bedroom door. It should be positioned so that the person lying on the bed’s head is facing south or east. This will help you sleep peacefully.
  • Wardrobe Positioning- According to Vastu tips for bedrooms, heavy elements of the room, such as wardrobes, should be placed in the southwest, south, or west direction because these directions are said to attract positive energy.
  • Placement of Electronic Gadgets- According to experts, one should avoid keeping any electronic gadget in the room or, if necessary, keep it at a good distance so that the negative energies sent by them do not affect the sleep of the occupants.
  • The Color for the Master Bedroom- According to Vastu shastra, the colours of a room are very important in determining the overall vibe of the room. The best colours for the master bedroom are beige, white, grey, and rose pink.
  • Mirror Placement – There is a lot of emphasis on the placement of a mirror in the Vastu shastra. Avoid putting the mirror directly in front of the bed because it can cause serious health problems.
  • Placement of Family Photographs- While putting your family pictures, ensure that they are the first thing visible to the eyes when you enter the room. Remember to hang up family photos in the master bedroom.
  • Fresh Flowers – Keep any artificial flowers out of your bedroom. Instead, choose fresh flowers to help attract positive energy to your bedroom.
  • Lighting in the Bedroom- It goes without saying that having proper lighting in your home improves the aesthetics of your space. According to Vastu, you should keep a balance of light and dark lighting in your bedroom.

What is the best Vastu direction for sleeping?

Assume you have the most comfortable pillows and mattress in your bed, as well as a warm comforter in your room, and you have also practised night-time meditation but still struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Why is this the case? Vastu Shastra is the science of achieving a balance between your lifestyle and the environment. The principles of Vastu shastra apply to us as humans as well, and they are especially important in the bedroom.  In this article, you will learn about the Vastu Tips For Bedroom that you must apply in daily life.

If the place where you go to unwind after a long day at work lacks balance, lacks the right set of elements, or has the wrong placement of the bed, it can make your day even more difficult. Vastu Shastra principles are more concerned with the ideal setting for peaceful sleep and that’s why we are here to tell you everything that is required to have proper sleep as per Vastu.

What Is the Scientifically Correct Sleeping Position?

If you are in the region of the northern hemisphere, the best direction for sleeping is towards the east. The essence of Vastu Shastra is to live a harmonious life while striking a balance between your life and nature, and the principle of this science still applies today because living in harmony with nature has been passed down as human heritage. You will learn about vastu bedroom size. With your head towards the east, the flow of energy and blood in your body remains uninterrupted.

  • Some Sleeping Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Avoid any electronic gadgets in your bedroom
  • Make sure to have a window that allows fresh air to enter the room.
  • Clear any clutter from under the bed as soon as possible.
  • You can have some plants which are Vastu-compliant for your bedroom to bring in nature to your home
  • If the mirror in your room does not show your reflection, change its placement so that it does.
  • Do not sleep with your feet facing the door, as this is considered a bad omen.
  • Purchase some soft and comfortable mattresses and pillows for your bed. You can also go for pressure-releasing mattresses if that is a need.

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