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Lo Shu Grid

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Lo Shu Grid

It a square shaped grid which consist 9 numbers from1 to 9 in 3 columns and 3 rows. Total of each row and each column sums to 15. It is associated with Chinese numerology and considered as a sacred square. It has been formulated after an intense research for creating a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science.

 provastu Lo Shu Grid What significance numbers have as per Lo Shu:
Number 1 – the originator; who is honest, a good leader and stubborn.
Number 2 – the peacemaker; who is friendly, diplomatic and haughty.
Number 3 – the party animal; who is creative, romantic and impatient.
Number 4 – the conservative; who is organized, traditional and persistent.
Number 5 – the nonconformist; who is curious, enthusiastic and too daring.
Number 6 – the romantic; who is friendly, idealistic and possessive.
Number 7 – the intellectual; who is inquisitive, intelligent and restless.
Number 8 – the big shot; professional, judgmental and bossy.
Number 9 – the performer; who is generous, entertainer and unpredictable.


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