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HOROSCOPE, in astrology, is the two dimensional representation of the 360 degree celestial sphere into 12 parts called houses in the form of a chart, showing the relative positions of the Sun, the Moon, the other heavenly bodies, and the ascendant and mid heaven signs of the zodiac at a specific moment in time and space considering the various factor like tilt of earth, precession of equinox, longitude and latitude etc. A horoscope is used to provide information about the present and to predict events to come.

An individual horoscope usually plots the moment of birth and is used by astrologers to analyze character, as well as—in conjunction with other astrological data—to predict the future. This is in accordance with the belief that each celestial body has its own mythological character, modified according to its geometric relationship with the other celestial bodies at a given moment. Everything in the universe being interrelated, these bodies exert an influence. Each house is assigned several departments of human life, such as wealth or marriage. The planet that falls within a particular house is said to influence matters pertaining to that house.

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