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As much as people in the modern world would like to think otherwise, Vastu is not a myth or a superstition. Vasthu is a science that was created centuries ago for designing structures like modest homes, offices, and palaces. The Lakshagraha was built by Lord Vishwakarma using his architectural science, according to the ancient epic "The Mahabharatha" (Wax Palace). Vasthu offers the fundamentals of construction, particularly in utilizing the forces of nature to improve the home and society.

Vastu Shastra is based on the idea of using the five fundamental elements of earth, water, fire, air, and sky to create a comfortable environment. Vastu principles used in architecture promote prosperity, energy, wealth, and good health while creating a calm and enlightened environment for living or working.

Sky (West) represents growth and improvement; Vayu (East, Northeast) represents joy and happiness; Agni (South) represents fame and power; Water (North) represents spirituality and healing; and Earth (Centre) stands for constancy, harmony, and peace.

Some of the most important Vastu Shastra guidelines that must be adhered to when building a new house or remodelling an existing one include the following:

  1. Because these locations emit negative energies, it is best to avoid building a home next to a temple, hospital, or cemetery.
  2. Nobody should sit or sleep beneath an iron beam. Strong stress, shoulder pain, headaches, and joint issues can all be brought on by beams. The presence of a beam between a husband and wife may lead to marital conflict.
  3. The southwest corner of the structure, which has a lucky effect on the occupants, should be the location of the family head's bedroom.
  4. To make prayers effective and receive the Lord's blessings, the mandir or puja room should be in the northeast.
  5. Given that fire rules this direction, the kitchen should be in the southeast. Another good alternative location is in the northwest.
  6. To benefit the residents, the front door should be on the east, west, or north side of the building.

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